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Ikano Handel Sdn Bhd

Ikano Centres is a proven retail operator with deep knowledge of Southeast Asia, and has succeeded in many of its markets. Contact us today for partnerships that capitalise on the immense potential of this rapidly developing region.

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For Shopping Centre general enquiries, please contact:


IPC Shopping Centre:

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+66 2105 1000


MyTOWN Shopping Centre:

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Toppen Shopping Centre:

+607 277 3188


Batu Kawan Shopping Centre

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For all leasing-related enquiries please contact our team below.

Please direct all marketing enquiries to natasha.aziz@ikano.asia.

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At Ikano Centres, we strive to create great places for shopping, leisure and social meetings preferred by customers. And we’re just getting started.

Join us as we continue to grow across the region, delivering sustainable growth and a fantastic customer journey.