Facts & Figures

4,617,652.99 sq ft
(428,994 sq m)
Gross Leasable Area (GLA).
That’s over 85 football fields!

Successful partnerships
with 1,421 Tenants.

100 million joyful visits to shopping centres and IKEA stores.
That’s 10 x the population of Sweden!

SGD 167 million
sales turnover in 2019.
*equal to EUR 110 million.

5 Meeting Places Anchored

Ikano Centres is a part of IKEA Southeast Asia and we create retail destinations together with our IKEA stores. We offer fantastic customer experiences, convenient shopping, good business opportunities for our partners, as well as a great day out for friends and families.

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Worldwide, IKEA has proven to bring in more than 5 million visitors a year, and extends the shopping centres’ catchment up to 90 minutes. By partnering with Ikano Centres, you’ll find your business at the sharp end of an international retail powerhouse, reaping the benefits of a globally recognised brand that continues to thrive.


“For a mall to be successful, location is paramount, and Toppen’s location is fantastic”

Seasons Bakery

“We are really excited about this project because of the quality of our partnership with Ikano”


“Ikano understands, and when they understand, we can get things done.”

Harvey Norman

“We have a synergistic, complementary partnership with IPC, and we want to continue to grow that”


“Ikano is like family, landlords who will listen”

Seasons café

“Ikano’s team is very professional, and they pay a lot of focus on the needs of our customers”


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