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Ikano Centres is a part of Ikano Retail and we create retail destinations together with our IKEA stores. We go beyond transactional shopping to create meeting places where our communities can come together to connect and enjoy unique and memorable experiences. In addition to creating a safe and great day out for friends and families, we also provide good business opportunities for our partners. Worldwide, IKEA has proven to bring in more than 5 million visitors a year, and extends the shopping centres’ catchment up to 90 minutes. By partnering with Ikano Centres, you’ll enjoy the synergies of a much loved global retail brand.
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5 meeting places

in Thailand and Malaysia

 6.5 million sq ft

Gross Leasable Area (GLA).

Home to more than


1,800 Tenants

100 million

joyful visits to shopping centres and IKEA stores. That’s 10x the population of Sweden!

Together we can do more at Ikano Centres

When you partner with Ikano Centres, you are opening more than just a store, you create vibrant destinations that inspire and connect communities. Let’s transform retail into meaningful experiences together.

  • IKEA Store Bangna
  • IKEA Store Bangyai
  • Megabangna Shopping Centre
  • IKEA Pick-up Point
  • Klippa Shopping Centre
  • IKEA Store Cheras
  • MyTOWN Shopping Centre
  • IKEA Store Damansara
  • IPC Shopping Centre
  • IKEA Store
  • Toppen Shopping Centre
  • IKEA Store Tampines
  • IKEA Store
Click / tap on the map to view our centre details Legend: Existing IKEA Stores Existing Shopping Centres Current Projects
Legend: Existing IKEA Stores Existing Shopping Centres Current Projects Click / tap on the map to view our centre details

One Name Across Southeast Asia

All the shopping centres under our Ikano Centres portfolio are unique to their catchment areas. But they have an important asset in common: they are all anchored by IKEA. As part of Ikano Retail, we understand the retail environment, because we are retailers ourselves! We develop land and invest in residential, office and other types of real estate to create vibrant destinations where people can live, work and play. Our businesses are part of the larger Ikano Group of companies, owned by the Kamprad family that founded IKEA. We share a unifying vision: to create a better everyday life for the many people.

We have five dynamic meeting places under our portfolio: IPC the home away from home in Damansara, MyTOWN an escape from the KL citycentre hustle, Megabangna the village green of Eastern Bangkok, Toppen the active lifestyle hub of Johor Bahru, and Klippa Shopping Centre the second phase of our meeting place in Batu Kawan.

Seasons Bakery

“For a mall to be successful, location is paramount, and Toppen’s location is fantastic”


“We are really excited about this project because of the quality of our partnership with IKANO”

Harvey Norman

“Ikano understands, and when they understand, we can get things done.”


“Together with Ikano, we can be better as a destination”


“We have a synergistic, complementary partnership with IPC, and we want to continue to grow that”

Seasons café

“Ikano is like family, landlords who will listen”


“Ikano’s team is very professional, and they pay a lot of focus on the needs of our customers”

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